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Non-native Frugivores in Hawaii
Our research into the rapid change of morphological traits important for the seed dispersal effectiveness of the non-native frugivores on Oahu was written about in NewScientist and a blog by a researcher in Europe!

Seed dispersal in Hawaii
Our research on the spatial dynamics and stability of the novel seed dispersal networks on Oahu that has been published in Science has also been written about in multiple news outlets. Follow the links below to read some of the coverage:

Science | Forbes | ScienceDaily | Newsweek | Phys.Org | EurekAlert


Conspecific Attaction use for increasing foraging in native outplanting in Hawaii
Sean's research into using conspecific attraction to increase the fruit removal and seed dispersal of critically endangered plants in outplanings on the Hawaiian Island, Oahu was written about in Indside Science.
To read the aticle visit:


Snake Fungal Disease (or Schlangenpilz in German)
Work and photos by one of our lab members, Sasha Tetzlaff, was used in a German magazine called Reptilia. To read the article click HERE (However, the article is in Geman)


Sensory ecology of predator-prey interactions
Juvenile turtles often suffer substantial predation rates, but since they are highly cryptic, understanding what their major predators are and what sensory cues predators use to detect them remains elusive. We are using 3D printed turtles to better understand what the potential predators of juvenile box turtles are and if predators’ detection rates of the models vary based on the presence or absence of visual and olfactory cues. The Maker Lab here at the University of Illinois wrote a nice article about this project.
To read the article visit:


Puerto Rican Boa Conservation
Our work in Puerto Rico to conserve the endangered Puerto Rican Boa was recently used in a online article! To read the article visit:


Conspecific Attraction in Anurans
Val and her work with conspecific attraction as a tool to get anurans (frogs) to breed in ponds by playing frog calls was the focus of an article in a kid's magazine. The magazine, Muse, is not open access so we can't share the article but look for it in the February 2017 issue!







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