Sasha Tetzlaff


I joined the Sperry Lab as a Ph.D. student in 2016 and defended my dissertation in 2019. I investigated the effects of environmental enrichment and captive-rearing duration on pre- and post-release growth, behavior, and survival of head-started eastern box turtles for my dissertation work. My fieldwork took place at Fort Custer Training Center in southern Michigan, but I reared the turtles and conducted behavioral assays with them on the UIUC campus. Check out for more info.

I earned a M.S. in Biology from Purdue University Fort Wayne in 2015. For my thesis research, I studied the behavioral and physiological effects of food supplementation on free-ranging male massasauga rattlesnakes in northern Michigan. I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies in 2011. While an undergraduate, I participated in long-term research projects focusing on gopher tortoise ecology in an urban greenspace and monitoring trends in anuran communities in southwest Florida.


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